Quality Male Mentorship During School Hours

In Greater San Francisco Bay Area Public Schools


Mentor Recruitment Drive: Our Boys Need Men Like You

We have a great start in San Francisco at Hoover Middle School and we are preparing to expand our chapter. Schools are paused right now and we are looking into online mentorship options now. We want all middle school and high school boys in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area to have positive male role models available so they can develop positive, healthy masculinity.

Emotionally Safe Spaces for Boys

Boys thrive and grow in an environment of care, acceptance and gentle challenge. Our mentors are trained to practice Listening and Encouraging instead of Fixing or Advising.

We have a proven approach that produces real change within young men.

Mentors Who Care

We meet regularly to connect and train on how to best help boys with the unique challenges they face in the 21st century.

We focus on listening, accepting and encouraging and we try not to fix, rescue or advise the boys. This creates an environment very different from what they are used to in school.

Boys Who Shift the Culture

Schools with Boys to Men programs report that their boys are less likely to cause problems in class. Entire school cultures can shift for the better!

Hear it from the Boys:

Who we are. What we do.

Boys to Men Bay Area is fiscally sponsored by Boys to Men USA, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. We provide no-cost mentoring programs for boys to public, private and charter schools and community centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our circles typically include 10-20 boys and 4-5 mentors and last about an hour during school hours. We accept any child in our circles who identifies as "he or him".

Our mentor team is made up of unpaid volunteers who donate 2-3 hours per week of their time and energy to mentorship and administrative activities. Our mentors undergo comprehensive screening and background checks.

Boys To Men Bay Area currently has circles in two schools in Santa Cruz and one circle in San Francisco. We intend to grow this to 5 circles in 2020 as we increase our staffing, training and capacity.

Our Programs Get Results!

We have a proven approach that produces real change within young men.

This mentoring model has been a resounding success with school administrators, parents, mentors and, most importantly, the boys.

In 2019, Boys to Men Mentoring facilitated groups at 35 school partner locations across San Diego County serving over 800 boys on a weekly basis.

In San Diego County alone, more than 12,000 boys and men have participated in the program from 1996-2019.

Boys to Men Bay Area is working to bring this level of success to the San Francisco Bay Area as well.

We currently have circles at two schools in Santa Cruz and one in San Francisco with plans to expand in the 2020-2021 school year.

We need volunteers and donations to continue this life-changing program!